The word Sesari written in dripping white ooze.

Low resolution, vibrabtly colored pixel art of a person from the neck up. They have long dark hair, and neon light highlighting the sides of their face. They are making direct eye contact with the viewer, and look very concerned.

Beneath the sand, Sesari awakens...

Sesari is a haunted science-fiction video game, to be released one death at a time, forever.

This is part 1 of Sesari. It includes two areas to explore, some interactive elements, and one death. (Estimated playtime 5 -10 minutes.)

 Download for Windows (6.7MB)
  Download for Mac (9.3MB)

Feeling ambitous? You can play Sesari on iPad and Android tablets using ScummVM.

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Low-resolution pixel art with vibrant colors depicting a green Bic lighter with scratches on it.


At a gas station in the middle of the desert, two women suddenly and completely lose their memory. It gets worse (and weirder) from there.


Watch a full video playthrough of part 1 of Sesari.
A video interview with the creator of Sesari.
Low-resolution pixel art with vibrant colors depicting two keys. Attached to the keys is a metal keyring of a stripper.


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Low-resolution pixel art with vibrant colors depicting a hubcap


Sesari is by Colin Panetta. It was originally conceived of as a graphic novel, before it was instead folded into his escapist pandemic pastime of video games.

Music by Cameron Stuart.

Logo by Noel Freibert.

Sesari is being created using Adventure Game Studio.